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ZIP System® R-Sheathing

ZIP System® R-Sheathing

Where Code Meets Comfort Structure, insulation and weather protection - all in one panel. An innovative panel that makes insulating homes simple, ZIP System® R-sheathing is where Code Meets Comfort. Each panel delivers added R-value combined with superior air and moisture resistance and exceptional strength and durability. Installation is a quick, two-step process that eliminates the need for additional exterior insulation and housewrap. And with multiple insulation thicknesses available, ZIP System® R-sheathing panels make it easy to build a tight, insulated, water-resistant enclosure whether you’re building to new energy codes or advanced building envelope performance. CONTINUOUS FOAM INSULATION PROVIDES HIGHER R-VALUE Designed to meet new energy codes, continuous polyisocyanurate foam insulation integrated to the back of the panel toward the studs increases thermal performance and minimizes thermal bridging. ENGINEERED WOOD PANEL PROVIDES STRUCTURE AND DURABILITY An exterior engineered wood panel meets wall bracing requirements and provides a nailable, flashable base for cladding, trim and windows. BUILT-IN, WATER-RESISTIVE BARRIER A built-in, water-resistive barrier eliminates the need for housewrap and helps achieve a quick rough dry-in backed by a 180-day exposure guarantee. CONTINUOUS AIR BARRIER PROMOTES GREATER ENERGY EFFICIENCY Simply hang the panels and tape the seams for a continuous air barrier to help prevent air leakage and protect insulation R-value as part of an energy-effi cient enclosure. With a variety of insulation thicknesses available, whether you're building to meet new energy codes or higher thermal performance, ZIP System® R-sheathing has the continuous insulation solution for your job.

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