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Zenit | Eastern Architectural Products


main_product_pics_zenit Zenit A through-colored baseboard fully covered with a matching 100% acrylic, water-based paint in a number of deep and natural colors with an intense sheen. The unique combination of a through-colored board and opaque paint gives the board a smooth and strong surface with reduced risk of visible scratches. The board is powerfully resistant towards green moss and algae as well as extreme weather conditions. Zenit comes in 16 natural yet intense URBANNATURE colors inspired by the universe and named after the colorful planets in the skies above. Among the standard colors, you find the blackest color in the entire URBANNATURE range. This color is named after the darkest planet ever discovered, also known as Erebus after the Greek god of darkness. If you wish to add an even more unique expression to your façade, Zenit allows you to combine one of the nine baseboards with most NCS-S colors. Zenit is available in 1200 by 2500mm and 1200 by 3050mm sheets, with a standard thickness of 8mm.

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