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XLERATOReco® Hand Dryer

XLERATOReco® Hand Dryer

XLERATOReco® Hand Dryer Features and Benefits Performance 10 Second Dry Time 500 Watts Can Install Multiple XLERATOReco®Units On One Circuit Virtually Maintenance Free Savings 80% Less Energy Than Conventional Hand Dryers 95% Cost Savings Vs. Paper Towels Saves Time, Money and the Environment Sustainability No More Maintenance and Upkeep of Paper Towel Waste Building Green Approved and Helps Qualify for several LEED® credits Helps facilities around the world reduce their carbon footprint Hygiene A Hygienic Hand Drying Solution Most options and accessories in the industry – on the cutting edge of restroom hygiene HEPA Filtration System proven to remove 99.97% of potentially present bacteria at 0.3 microns from the air Antimicrobial Wall Guards designed to protect walls from water and inhibit the growth of bacteria

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