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Wireless Network Design | BSC International

Wireless Network Design

Wireless Network Design We use Analytic and Predictive modelling, we conduct virtual site surveys and assessment to accurately identify the number of access points required, placement specification and configuration, we conduct impact analysis of various construction materials on the signal strength and identify best signal positioning to support business requirements for connectivity. Our approach includes: Site floor planning Assessment Design and Configuration Installation of access points Configuration of frequencies, power levels, and antennas Optimization of signal propagation BSC International has the know-how and experience to plan, design and deploy cost-effective, secure and scalable wireless network infrastructure that support and drive your business operations. Our Promise Cost-effectiveness.We plan and deploy wireless infrastructure that fit your budget and business operations We use industry standard design and implementation tools and techniques Customer Service. We provide excellent customer service to make you happy We design and deploy wireless solution to meet your current business need and scalable to meet future demands.

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