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Window to the Woods

Window to the Woods TM Window to the Woods is the latest creation from Moss Acres. This unique system is a culmination of our years of experience growing moss and our knowledge of how it interacts with it’s environment and humans. If you are looking to bring all the visual and health benefits found in nature to your indoor environment, we’ve got just the solution, and it’s pretty Mossome TM ! Core Benefits: Visually Soothing - The vibrant green colors of moss have been proven in studies to reduce stress, induce healing, and improve mood/productivity. Moisturizes Air - Indoor air is often very dry due to heating and cooling systems. Cleanses Air - Indoor air suffers from all sorts of pollutants - dust, pollutant particulate, and many other sources. The mist attracts these particles and then the moss grabs them and sequesters them just like in nature. Energizes Environment - Ever wonder why you feel so alive and energized at the beach or near that cascading mountain stream? Negative Ions, that’s why. When water is turned into mist it releases negative ions - these are proven to enhance energy and mood in humans.

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