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What's in the CERV?

  • The CERV uses the latest ECM fan technology to deliver fresh air efficiently and quietly. The CERV's intelligent controls maximize fresh air delivery, ensuring your home stays fresh, comfortable, and healthy.
  • Instead of an ERV exchanger core, the CERV uses a high efficiency heat pump to exhange energy between incoming supply and outgoing exhaust air.  
  • The CERV 's filter access panel allows the homeowner easy access to inspect and replace both indoor and outdoor filters. The CERV accepts standard 10x20 size, with your choice of filtration. MERV 13 comes standard with the unit.
  • A built in 3.5" full color capacitive touchscreen makes interaction with the CERV a pleasure. Monitor your indoor air quality, change your setpoints, and configure the CERV to best suit your home and lifestyle with ease.
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