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What We Do - Autani


ENERGYCENTER: THE GATEWAY TO ENDLESS POSSIBILITIES INTEGRATED EnergyCenter applications (Lighting, Metering, HVAC/Environmental, Refrigeration, Sensors) have been specifically designed to operate in every possible combination as an integrated unit, sharing data and resources. WIRELESS A secure, wireless 2.4 GHZ mesh communications network connects every application of the EnergyCenter system, significantly reducing the cost of installation. WIRED EnergyCenter supports integration with traditional wired building management devices through standard protocols, such as BACnet and MODBUS. Leverage the devices and infrastructure you already have and expand your realm of control. ACCESSIBLE Connect with EnergyCenter anytime and anywhere through a secure web portal. User-defined alerts can be sent automatically through email or to smart phones. VERIFIABLE EnergyCenter provides accurate, real-time information and reporting to optimize energy management. MODULAR AND SCALABLE Integrating additional Autani Energy Solutions is simple and easy. Begin with our Automated Lighting Solution, for example, and easily add in HVAC at a later date. Start with one building or one floor, and when you’re ready to expand, simply install additional sensors and controllable devices. All of our products and solutions integrate seamlessly with one another, with no additional hardware or software.

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