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Weatherproof Outdoor Cabinets

Weatherproof Outdoor Cabinets

Werever Outdoor Cabinets are made from marine grade High Density Polyethylene (HDPE). It was engineered for direct exposure to rain, snow, and extreme temperatures, hot or cold. This cabinetry will not split, fade, crack, or chalk. And they definitely won’t absorb water and swell like wood cabinetry does. Werever’s outdoor kitchen cabinetry is beautiful high-end cabinetry that has been designed and engineered specifically for outdoor use. It has several characteristics that make it uniquely suited for outdoor applications. NOTE: Werever builds High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) Cabinets. We do not use PVC. PVC is brittle. It isn’t resistant to the sun. It is lightweight and flimsy. Other cabinets on the market try to mask this fact, presenting inferior PVC cabinetry as if it were premium Marine Grade HDPE cabinetry. The two are very different. HDPE is a far superior material than PVC. At the chemical level alone, HDPE is much stronger than PVC. Search the web for “HDPE vs PVC” and you’ll find many examples explaining the difference between the materials. Know what you are buying. Sun Safe The HDPE board we use has ultraviolet inhibitors that act like built-in sunscreen. The UV inhibitors will prevent the board from fading, or becoming chalky like PVC board. HDPE board significantly outperforms even PVC with regard to outdoor exposure resistance. Sun-Safe Outdoor Cabinetry Easy-To-Clean The cabinetry can be hose-washed, inside and out.

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