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Weatherlastic® - DryvitWeatherlastic® - Dryvit

Weatherlastic® - Dryvit

Weatherlastic is a line of textured finishes that are 100% acrylic, utilizing DPR (Dirt Pickup Resistant) chemistry and an elastomeric binder to bridge hairline cracks. Weatherlastic is available in four distinct textures: Weatherlastic Quarzputz®, Weatherlastic Sandpebble®, Weatherlastic Sandpebble® Fine and Weatherlastic Adobe®. Quarzputz produces an open-textured pattern in a regular or random style; Sandpebble trowels to a pebble texture; Sandpebble Fine produces a fine pebble texture; and Adobe trowels to a smooth, fine sand texture. Weatherlastic finishes are ideally suited as a protective and decorative coat over stucco, concrete, masonry, CMU and EIFS substrates.

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