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Wave energy converter | Turbine system | Spain

Wave energy converter

Arrecife Project was born thanks to the research of Ph.D. Professor José Javier Doria in the field of fluids mechanics for over 25 years. After years of experimentation, he could demonstrate how there was a formula to be followed in the design of turbines and different airfoils. This led to improvements applicable in the fields of aerodynamics and hydrodynamics. ​ What started as a study of the number of blades that could be introduced in the production of a turbine, eventually became a long investigation which has obtained great results in other fields: from a Guinness Record for the carry of a golf club (due to a more efficient design in terms of aerodynamics) to a new geometric figure. ​ Combining his research with the observation of Nature, Prof. Doria noted that tiny living corals occupy vast extensions, forming a reef able to absorb much of the energy of waves in an efficient manner. This led to the idea of ​​creating direct action turbines placed in series, being them composed of many blades simulating a coral reef.

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