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The system is the culmination of over forty years of research and development into membrane bioreactor (MBR) wastewater treatment and wastewater recycling technologies. This US-manufactured system can treat influent water with flows ranging from 2,000 gallons per day (GPD) to over 40,000 GPD and with varying water qualities and pollutants. System deployments include both retrofits and ‘new builds’, allowing for custom installation as well as modular installations in 40-foot shipping containers. The system is suitable for applications including residential and commercial wastewater as well some industrial water reuse applications.

Our system ensures a standard effluent quality, designed to meet all relevant regulatory requirements. The standard can operate on a single-phase, 220V system with 24V DC relays to minimize risks to operational teams while maintaining automated, real-time water quality monitoring and clean-in-place systems.

The waterPOD team will manage installation, start up and commissioning, and will also provide full-service operations and water quality testing services as requested. Contact aquaTECTURE today to learn more about our technology.

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