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VST walls are made of 24 mm thick cement-bound particle boards. We use our own specially developed steel bar spacers as connection parts. These are connected to the wall elements using galvanized countersunk screws, without penetrating the surface of the elements from the inside.

The following wall types can be manufactured:

  • D=17.5 (thickness concrete core D = 12.7 cm)
  • D= 20.0 (thickness concrete core D = 15.2 cm)
  • D=21.5 (thickness concrete core D = 16.7 cm)
  • D=23.0 (thickness concrete core D = 18.2 cm)
  • D= 25.0 (thickness concrete core D = 20.2 cm)
  • D=30.0 (thickness concrete core D = 25.2 cm)

The overall thickness of a wall element (architect's measurements) is the thickness of the concrete core plus 24 mm for the cement-bound particle boards on each side.

This means that by simply changing the stamping tool, any desired wall thickness can be achieved.  We can create all kinds of gaps and apertures as well as empty conduit systems for electrical installations in the factory. The maximum weight of a VST wall without reinforcement or installation parts is approx. 70kg / m².

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