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VST Special Elements

In addition to wall and ceiling elements, VST Building Technologies also manufactures the following:

Beams and columns:

  • Rectangular and square
  • Reinforced in the production facility
  • Can be used with all other VST composite formwork elements.
  • Punching shear reinforcement to strengthen against punching shear .


  • Straight sets of stairs
  • Stair heads and VST ceilings
  • Easy assembly
  • Reinforced (aside from kinks) in the factory
  • Sound insulation solutions (impact sound insulation systems etc.)
  • Can be used early in the construction phase (no ladders etc. necessary)

Special elements: 

  • Punching shear reinforcement elements
  • Window channel seals (straight or sloping)
  • Gaps, apertures and installation parts such as rails etc.
  • Passive ventilation
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