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VR and AR Demonstrations

VR and AR Demonstrations at Architecture Builder’s Expo ABX 2016 and 2017 Many professionals in architecture and construction know that VR and AR will change the way they work but do not know how to get started. Both years, I organized a dozen early adopters and providers of VR and AR for the Architecture, Engineering, and Construction (AEC) sector. We showcased design and technology demonstrations on the floor of ABX for two days. Both years, the exhibit attracted attention, spreading awareness of the technology in the industry, and building productive relationships. Architects: Shepley Bulfinch, Payette, CBT, HMFH, Sasaki, SMMA, TKA, Arrow St. Construction & Engineering: Windover, Consigli, Turner, VHB, Tech and Other: Wayfair, Elumenati, BluHomes, Microdesk, Ver-Tex Lighting Team: Jacobson (everything), James Martin (2017 organizing), Vasili Uspensky.

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