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VLV-FVL-MN3000 Series

I-CON COBALT™ MN3000 series exposed flush valve powered by ProLAST® – Manually operated, dynamic sealing, chrome plated flush valve with polished exterior. Complete with the I-CON patented ProLAST® kit, single piece design with integral bypass filter, glass reinforced polymer with overmolded seals to eliminate all O-rings from the assembly. The valve is ADA compliant with a non-hold open and no leak handle feature.

  • As low as 0.25 gpf / 1.0 Lpf flush volume for urinals and 1.1 gpf / 4.2 Lpf for water closets
  • Water conservation is aided by the ADA-compliant, non-hold-open handle, which prevents toilet from exceeding intended flush volume
  • Flush accuracy is controlled by I-CON's ProLAST® dynamic valve technology
  • Clog resistant bypass
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