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Virtual Design and Construction | Pepper Construction

Virtual Design and Construction

Our industry is experiencing a period of incredible innovation, driven by the advancements made in virtual design and construction (VDC) and building information modeling (BIM). Combined with tools like laser scanners, we can capture more data faster and more accurately. Unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), or drones, provide a new vantage point without leaving the ground, allowing us to investigate existing buildings and capture high-quality progress photos – a service that informs our work and documents the construction process. Now, augmented and virtual reality offer an immersive preview before we ever break ground. The application of these new technologies in construction is drawing unprecedented attention to our industry, and Pepper is on the leading edge. It’s exciting to talk about them and find ways to use them on our projects, but we also understand they only matter when they benefit you. We've designed our services to scale because we believe every project, not just the large and complex ones, can benefit from the "I" in BIM. We use VDC to integrate our planning process and find ways to demonstrate tangible value for all partners involved.

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