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In light of the restrictive regulations which now determine the minimum sound insulation properties in newly constructed buildings, Primary Acoustics LLC has introduced VERDEX® - a superior noise reduction solution for commercial properties and multi-family communities. VERDEX® is an innovative acoustical floor underlayment used for reducing sound under ceramic tile, natural stone, marble and hardwood. Made from 100% recycled rubber, VERDEX® is an environmentally friendly product that will not rot, support mildew or mold growth or absorb water. Various thicknesses, from 3mm to 20mm, are available to meet your specific acoustical requirements. Whether you choose rolls or panels, VERDEX® offers economical, fast installation over wood or concrete sub-floors in multi-family and commercial applications. VERDEX® has achieved FIIC ratings of 60+ and exceeded the requirements of the ASTM C627 Robinson Test.

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