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Velodome Shelters Multi-Modal ArticleBus to Bike Shelter - Class 1, Fully LockableBus to Bike- Open Air Bus/Bike Shelter

Velodome Multi-Modal Transit Article

Multi-Modal Bus to Bike Shelters are gaining in popularity every year.  Whether you take a bus or train to work- the Velodome various multi-modal shelters allow you to secure your bike in a Class 1 Bicycle Shelter that provides three levels of protection:  Weather, Lockable door and lockable bike racks inside.  The Class 1 parking ensures that the bike will remain safe and dry during the work day.  The door can accept a wide array of Access Control Systems, which include Swipe Card Access, FOB Access or Keypad Access.  The multi-modal shelters can be ordered in any size to accommodate any number of bikes and passengers. 

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