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Our architectural analysis software package is specifically designed to meet the needs of Architects for sustainable analysis. Join organisations like Gensler who are embracing the architectural responsibility for good sustainable design practice.

It offers the most comprehensive suite available allowing you to safeguard your architecture by ensuring you meet performance goals early on. Investigate suitable bioclimatic strategies even before a line has been drawn, and connect from SketchUp™ or BIM packages.

By enabling informed sustainable design decisions you can be confident that the VE for Architects helps you deliver ambitious performance goals while seeking opportunities to keep costs appropriate. In fact, as top engineers use advanced IESVE tools you can easily collaborate and exchange models with them as you progress – facilitating an improved integrated and data driven process. 

IES technology can help right from the opening charrette, enabling you to use specific site understanding to automatically outline suitable bioclimatic architecture strategies for the project. Such pre-design sustainability direction is invaluable.

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