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Stego Wrap Vapor BarriersVapor Barriers

Vapor Barriers

Our clients have made Stego Wrap the most widely-specified below-slab vapor barrier in North America. Stego Wrap Stego Wrap 20-MIL Vapor Barrier (Class A) Learn More Stego Wrap 15-MIL Vapor Barrier (Class A) Learn More Stego Wrap 10-MIL Vapor Retarder (Class A) Learn More Stego Wrap 10-MIL Vapor Retarder (Class C) Learn More Features & Benefits: Unsurpassed Permeance Characteristics Longevity and Strength Exceptional Tear and Puncture Resistance Easy, Reliable Installation Available Nationwide Local Support Stego Wrap Vapor Barrier is made with our proven trade secret blend of prime virgin resins and additives. Stego Wrap Vapor Barrier is an ASTM E1745 Class A Vapor Barrier (Below 0.01 perms). We focus on producing a product that will maintain its extremely low permeance. The protection of Stego Wrap Vapor Barrier provides the flexibility to change flooring types and overall building use without worrying about below-slab moisture vapor.

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