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The InFusion Universal Dimming Module (UDM08-EM) provides load agnostic phase control as a component of Legrand’s centralized lighting control system. It can be mounted in a main or secondary power enclosure and supports control of up to 8 dimmable, forward and reverse phase type loads with up to four line feeds supporting up to 32 amps of total load per module. The module is designed to automatically detect load type, forward or reverse phase. Features: Module design eliminates the need for field wiring to the module Each dimming channel can be programmable to match the dimming curve of the lighting load Supports control of up to 8 forward or reverse phase loads Protection built in Offers load by load selectable load type (Forward/reverse phase control) 4 Line feeds supporting up to 32 amps per module, 10 amps maximum output for any of the 8 loads

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