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Biotube Vaults & Pump Packages | ProPak, EasyPak, Universal | OrencoUniversal Biotube® Pump Vaults

Universal Biotube® Pump Vaults

Universal Pump Vaults (PVU) Universal Biotube® Pump Vaults can house one or two Orenco® high-head effluent pumps. They are used to filter out up to two-thirds of the suspended solids from wastewater effluent flowing from septic tanks or separate dosing tanks in onsite wastewater systems and effluent sewers. Effluent enters through inlet holes around the perimeter of the vault and flows through the Biotube effluent filter cartridge to the external flow inducers. The filter cartridge can be removed without pulling the pump or the vault. Vaults are suspended in a tank by two Schedule 80 support pipes. “Earless” vaults that rest on the bottom of a tank are also available. Durable, one-piece molded polyethylene vault Schedule 80 PVC support pipes Ball valve for easy draining and vault removal Removable effluent filter cartridge Capable of accepting one or two pumps

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