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TRUSS, PANEL & TALL WALL Attic Truss designed with MITEK 7.5.0 showing LFL top & bottom chords Gallery Documentation No Documentation Testimonials banner-big-truss-containing-32-room-with-lfl-bottom-chord Lamco LFL® replacing LVL helps contractor sell the job! "LAMCO LFL SOLD THE JOB!” Picture & Testimonial provided by Sam Yoder & Son, Delaware. "A contractor came to us with plans. Originally, due to the long spans, he had planned to use LAMCO LFL® for rafters. The more we looked at the plan, the more we realized that we could truss this project using LAM LAMCO LFL® THAT FACILITATE YOUR DESIGNS THINKNESS: LAMCO LFL® match well with 1½'' conventional lumber. LENGHT: For long truss chords & large Tall Walls, our maximum 32’ length products are integrated seamlessly into any factory environment, minimizing cutting & joints. For sizeable orders, LAMCO can precision trim your order & LAMCO LFL® can be installed directly without any cutting needed, saving on labor and time. DENSITY: The Black Spruce in LAMCO LFL® is ideal for truss & wall panel production. Your truss chords & wall studs are installed without any special details or additional air or hydraulic pressure requirements, even with our LAMCO LFL® 2.1E. STRENGHT: LAMCO LFL® comes in 4 grades with 1.6E & 1.7E replacing mostly MSR & LSL and 1.9E & 2.1E replacing mostly LVL. STABILITY: LAMCO LFL® has been dried longer than standard truss & stud grades.

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