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6214 Series TruFIRE Solenoid

TruFIRE® Solenoids

TruFIRE® Solenoids 9VDC SOLENOIDS SLD-6214 Series 9VDC Solenoid PRODUCT RESOURCES: Specification Sheet Watertight Connector Quick Assembly Guide DESCRIPTION The I-CON TruFIRE® 9VDC Solenoid attaches to and operates any of the I-CON retrofit cartridges, shower valves, flush valves and isolation valves. The low wattage solenoid operates on 9VDC with a direct acting design without a diaphragm that is subject to deterioration or clogging. The power saving, compact design allows for long battery life and reliable operation. When attached to an I-CON valve, the unique design allows for the valve to be slow and soft closing eliminating the need for water hammer arrestors that are typically required with other systems. The solenoid comes with a two foot lead and water-tight connector that is easily and securely connected to an I-CON solenoid extension with the mating water-tight connector. The extensions are available in various lengths for easy installation in the chase area.

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