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The Ultimate Ocean Vacation Home - Ocean Home - February-March 2018

Travel Publication

The Ultimate Ocean Vacation Home Chartering a crewed yacht may just be the world’s most exclusive escape By Bill Springer 8 Bill Springer My love affair with the Caribbean in general, and Antigua in particular, began during my misspent youth. That’s when I sailed from Newport, Rhode Island, into English Harbour, hoping to meet girls and see the world in December 1993. In fact, I’ve met many vagabond sailors who shared the exact same goals. But unlike those fortunate ones who ended up meeting girls and seeing the world, I ended up jobless, penniless, and living on an abandoned boat (in English Harbour to be exact) without enough money to get home. As you might have guessed, the girls I met at the time weren’t that interested either. But thankfully, my circumstances have improved vastly since then. Actually, I’ve been back—with my gorgeous and amazingly patient wife—to Antigua many times. We even spent a glorious week with our family and friends getting married at Coco Point Lodge on Barbuda (sadly totally destroyed in Hurricane Irma) 10 years ago.

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