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Pare Corporation - Civil Engineers in RI, MA and New England - Services - Transportation


Pare offers transportation planning and engineering services ranging from corridor location studies to design and construction-phase services. These services include the study and design of roads, intersections, bridges, bikeways, and railroad facilities. Our roadway-related work involves rural and limited-access highways, urban streets and circulators, new bikeway facilities, and pedestrian malls. Pare has conducted numerous traffic and transportation planning studies, as well as both the planning and final design of major bicycle and multi-use trails, pedestrian facilities, and associated recreational facilities. Pare was one of the pioneers in New England in this field of specialty, having developed unique and innovative design standards to address the particular requirements of many individual trails. REPRESENTATIVE SERVICES: Transportation Planning Highway and Bridge Design Traffic Engineering and Intelligent Transportation Systems Parking Studies and Facility Design Bicycle and Pedestrian Facilities Railroad Bridges and Trackage Airport Facilities Intermodal Facilities Environmental Impact Studies Pavement Management Bridge Load Ratings

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