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Toris Roof and Floor Deck Ceiling Systems

Toris Roof and Floor Deck Ceiling Systems

Toris Roof and Floor Deck Ceiling Systems EPIC’s Toris Roof and Floor Deck Ceiling Systems offer an innovative approach to designing modern, visually unobstructed interiors with architectural appeal. Recessed corners soften the linear plank form of Toris and create a unique appearance with a gently rounded edge. A dovetail recess hides roofing fasteners—enhancing the appearance. Toris Roof Deck Ceiling Systems are designed and engineered to span long distances up to 30 feet, depending on the project requirements. Toris 7 (7” depth) can span up to 30 feet, while Toris 5.5 (5.5” depth) spans up to 27 feet, Toris 4 (4” depth) spans up to 24 feet and Toris can span up to 18 feet (2.5” depth). (For Composite Floor Deck Ceiling System information, please register to view the Toris catalog.) Toris Hanging Feature The Toris dovetail profile offers a hanging feature to accommodate signage, lighting, or other mechanical and utility components. Toris hangers can be placed continuously, spaced across the width of the profile. Hangers can be installed as they are needed and can be relocated, reused, or removed at any time during the life of the building. The various features and design innovations of the Toris Roof and Floor Deck Ceiling Systems can lead to their specification in a variety of projects including; airport terminals, schools and universities, office buildings, libraries, gymnasiums, canopies, museums, theaters, natatoriums, or any area where an architectural roof deck ceiling system is desired.

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