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Schlage G Series

Time and Attendance

The G Series HandPunch biometric terminal is an advanced time and attendance solution. It features flexible programming, real-time communication and an improved user experience at the terminal. The G Series delivers the reporting accuracy and convenience of biometric technology while eliminating the use, abuse and cost of traditional time cards. The G Series HandPunch terminals eliminate “buddy punching” entirely by making it impossible for users to lose, share or forget their unique biometric identifier – their hand. The G Series terminals utilize advanced hand geometry imaging to convert and store the shape and size of a hand to a 20-byte numerical identification template. This three-dimensional image capture is less invasive than fingerprint, iris, or facial scanning because visually identifying characteristics, such as scars, tattoos, fingerprints or palm prints, are ignored. The result is a biometric verification system that is faster and more reliable, even in dusty and damp environments.

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