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Terratame2 Ground Reinforcement Mesh - Invisible StructuresTerratame2 Ground Reinforcement Mesh

Terratame2 Ground Reinforcement Mesh

Terratame2 Ground Reinforcement Mesh Terratame2 ground reinforcement mesh is a thick plastic mesh supplied in a roll that is installed directly onto existing grass or soil. Terratame2 is designed to protect, reinforce and stabilize the ground against damage caused by traffic (pedestrian and vehicular), water (scour), and erosion. Terratame2 protects areas prone to wear, rutting and muddy surfaces. Terratame2 plastic mesh reinforcement has an oscillated mesh structure which is designed to increase grip and reduce slip. Benefits Contains the formation of ruts 14.8 ft/s Protects the grass and soil Inexpensive and easy to install, even on large surfaces Recyclable Excellent aesthetic impact

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