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Tekstur™ Patterned Architectural Surfaces

Tekstur is a brand of patterned, high-performance architectural surfaces that Eco Supply's has developed in-house.

Our vision for Tekstur began with our work distributing responsibly processed, durable materials that have a low impact on the planet. We use the highest quality of sustainable, ethically produced materials to create a long lasting, beautifully crafted surface.

By way of our reductive process and design team, we have created a brand that takes these materials beyond their practical applications, and transforms them into utilitarian works of art. Tekstur is both visual and tactile in nature. Not only do the patterned surfaces draw in the eye, but they invite the viewer to touch the material, to engage with the design.

With panel options that are FSC® Certified and can contribute to LEED® Credits, the possibilities are endless...



  • Interior Wall Paneling
  • Exterior Façade & Cladding
  • Stair Treads
  • Sound Attenuation
  • Thermal Insulation*
    * Only with specific materials
  • Industrial & OEM Applications


  • Class A Fire Rated Options
  • Full Thickness Material Options
  • Durable & Impact Resistant Options
    Watch Durability Example Video
  • Heat & Stain Resistant Options
  • Moisture & Water Resistant Options
  • Made in the USA


  • FSC® Certified Options
  • Green Guard Certified
  • Kosher Certified Options
  • NSF Certified Options
  • Possible LEED® Credits:
  • (IDC 1-1.4; EQC 4.4; MRC 4.2; MRC 5.2; MRC 6; MRC 7)
  • Red List Free Options (Declare)
  • Biodegradable Options

Material Options

Paper Composite Panels: Paper-composite panels are made from post-consumer recycled paper that is stacked, saturated with phenolic resin, and thermo-set with heat and pressure. The phenolic resin used in production has been formulated to meet or exceed...

Low Density Cork: Low Density Cork is manufactured in Portugal with a low-carbon process. The cork dust created by the manufacturing process is burned in a high temperature boiler that generates 90% of the energy needed to produce...

High Density Cork: High density cork panels are made from post-industrial recycled cork from the wine-stopper industry. The bark of a cork oak tree grows three to four inches thick after the first twenty years of the tree’s life...


You can request an architectural binder here.

All technical documntation can be found here.

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