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Tecopower Induction-Based Combined Heat & Power Module

Tecopower by Tecogen is among the most effective ways to provide electricity and heat to a building.  Fueled by plentiful and inexpensive natural gas, a proven internal combustion emgine provides on-site generation of electricy while its high-grade waste heat is recovered and purposefully used to serve the buildings hot water needs.  This boost in overall efficiency translates into immediate dollar savings of up to 50% for building owners.

Extraordinary efficiency translates into less fuel consumption for the same amount of electrical and thermal energy produced.  This results in Greenhouse gas emissions reductions of more than 40%.  With Tecogen's patented "Ultera" system, pollutant emissions are nearly eliminated, meeting the toughest air emissions standards in the US including California and the Northeast.

Tecopower modules are ETL-Listed for product safety and have been tested to comply with interconnection standards of IEEE P1547/Do7 and NYSIR, and are certified by UL as Non-Islanding.  All units are factory run-tested at full-load prior to shipment to ensure superior quality.

Modules come fully pre-packaged from the factory, including engine, generator, oil/jacket/exhaust heat recovery, controls, electrical switchgear, emission controls, and modem for remote monitoring and data-logging.  This allows for standardization and minimizes installation cost and complexity in the field.

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