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Tecochill Natural Gas Engine-Driven Water-Cooled Chillers

TECOCHILL chillers are truly a way to get “two for the price of one”.  The engine’s mechanical energy is used to drive a compressor that makes chilled water and the engine’s “waste” thermal energy that is normally lost is captured and put to good use on site, for heating water or building spaces. A normally very energy intensive task (heating) is now accomplished at no additional cost to the customer or environment. This double-duty translates into significant energy and cost savings for the customer, as well as proportional decreases in carbon footprint and greenhouse gas emissions. With CHP, you get the chilled water and heat that your building needs for a lot less input energy and money than if you procured them separately, the conventional and inefficient way.

TECOCHILL’s “STx Series” and “DTx Series” product lines offer water-cooled engine-driven chillers, ranging from 150 to 400 tons of cooling capacity. Each natural gas engine drives a variable-speed single-screw rotary compressor, connected to a standard vapor compression refrigeration system utilizing environmentally-friendly HFC-134a refrigerant.

TECOCHILL’s “STx Series” models feature a single driveline (one engine) to provide up to 200 tons of capacity, whereas TECOCHILL’s “DTx Series” models use dual drivelines (two engines) to provide up to 400 tons of cooling capacity.


  • Proven and durable 7.4-liter natural gas engine
  • Optional emissions controls, able to comply with the world’s most stringent emissions control standards
  • Variable-speed operation standard, yielding high part-load efficiencies and longer life
  • Free high-temperature engine jacket and exhaust waste recovery available (as much as 800,000 Btu/hr in the form of 230oF hot water is available per engine)
  • Ultra-high efficiencies (Integrated Part Load Value IPLV COP of 2.6), highest of any available gas chillers
  • R-134a refrigerant
  • Sturdy single-screw balanced action compressor
  • Footprint comparable to an electric chiller’s
  • Microprocessor-based controls, with Modbus compatibility and remote monitoring capability
  • ETL-listed
  • Tecogen’s Ultera emissions system allows chillers to operate within the extremely low levels of regulated pollutants allowed by the distributed generation regulations for 2007 set by the California Air Resources Board (CARB).



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