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Atlas offers the first complete insulating and ventilating roofing system for steep-slope commercial and residential buildings with Techni-Flo products. Manufactured to meet the roofing industry’s ventilation needs in steep-slope roofs, this state-of-the-art system is engineered to ensure consistent intake and exhaust airflow underneath the roof covering of commercial building applications.

Intake Ventilation Products
Techni-Flo intake ventilation products are custom designed to meet the exact intake needs for each commercial application. Techni-Flo intake ventilation products include:

  • Techni-Flo® EV (Vented Eave Fascia) is a one-of-a-kind design that creates airflow to the eave. The efficient design and easy installation of the eave vent translate into cost savings from lower labor costs and decreased heating and cooling costs. learn more.
  • Techni-Flo® IV (Intake Vent) creates airflow for roofs without an eave. By providing the airflow the roof needs, Techni-Flo IV restricts heat build-up and moisture accumulation under the roof covering that can lead to premature deterioration. This provides additional cost savings by extending the life of the roof.
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