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Tarasafe Super

Gerflor’s Tarasafe Super is a resilient, homogeneous vinyl safety floor covering with a dense concentration of deep inlaid anti-slip particles throughout the wear layer. It is suitable for high traffic areas such as hospitals, schools, head offices, and public areas etc.. The surface is treated with PUR, which contains excellent cleaning characteristics, improved resistance to scratching and scuffing. Gerflor offers a Product Stewardship Program to take back the products at the end of service life for recycling or reusing. The manufacturer is ISO 14001 certified.


  • Corporate Social Responsibility
  • ≥10 year warranty
  • All marketing environmental claims verified accurate
  • Building Code of Australia compliant
  • Certified Environmental Management System
  • Complies with relevant social and environmental laws of the country of operation
  • Ethical supply chain
  • Fit for Purpose certified
  • Manufacturer take back policy (verified)
  • Replacement parts available
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