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Sub-metering Installation | 24/7 Local Boston Plumbers

Sub-metering Installation

Sub-metering Sub-Metering Installation by Boston Licensed Plumbers Have Plumbers 911 Experts Install Your Sub-metering System to Save Money and Resources water sub-metering | Boston MA PlumbersAs a landlord, you’re probably tired of hearing complaints from your tenants. “My rent’s too high.” “The upstairs neighbor is too loud.” “Why am I paying the same for water when my neighbor uses twice as much?” We can’t help you with all of those, but we do have a suggestion for fixing the last one. It used to be that most buildings, even multi-family rental properties had just one meter for each utility: water, electricity, and gas. Everyone pretty much expected that the utility bill would just be evenly divided among each tenant. That was fair enough in the old days when saving water and energy wasn’t such a priority. However, now people are more concerned with saving resources, including water. Now that people are trying to cut down on their water use, it makes sense to reward them for their efforts. That’s where water sub-metering comes in.

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