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Stormwater Harvesting Systems

Stormwater Harvesting Systems

More and more communities are requiring developers to manage the run-off from their impermeable rooftops, hardscapes and parking areas to reduce the impact of the run-off on municipal treatment systems. This requires builders to invest large amounts of money into storage tanks that slowly release collected stormwater into surrounding waterways to protect the municipal treatment facilities from high stormwater flows. Normally these detention systems represent a “sunk cost” from which the property owner will receive no direct benefit. Wahaso sees this detention stormwater as an asset rather than just a liability, and offers solutions that filter, sanitize and pressurize the water for on-site reuse. Harvested stormwater can be used for any number of purposes. Irrigation is the most common use, but this valuable resource can also be used to flush toilets, make-up water in evaporative cooling towers and more. Not only does this harvesting effort save the building owner thousands of dollars a year in water bills, but the practice reduces the burden on the municipal treatment system and saves the energy needed to transport and purify that water at the remote plant. It’s a sustainable practice that benefits property owners and the greater community.

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