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Stainless Steel Doors & Frames | Steel Door Institute

Stainless Steel Doors & Frames

Stainless Steel Doors and Frames Stainless steel doors provide a modern, high-end appearance to entryways Design professionals generally specify stainless steel doors for their sleek appearance. Stainless steel is also the optimum door material where rust and corrosion are a concern. For these reasons, they are found in a wide variety of buildings such as offices, hospitals, and food processing plants, to name a few. Stainless steel doors typically have a composite core—such as polystyrene or honeycomb—but may also be available with steel stiffeners. They can be fire and STC rated too. There are many finishing options, enabling architects to add a distinct design element to their doors. Standard industry finishes are referenced by #1-8. Lower number finishes are more matte, while higher numbers are more reflective. The most common finishes include: #2B Unpolished - suitable for painting, such as in concealed areas where stainless steel performance is required but aesthetics are not important; #4 Brushed Satin - low reflectivity; #6 Long Grain Satin - more reflective than a #4 finish; #8 Mirror - highly reflective; fine polishing lines are barely visible. Fingerprints show on mirror-like finishes, so they are best-suited for low traffic openings; … and many more such as angel hair, swirl and distressed.

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