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Stage Inspired Designs - Ocean Home - February-March 2018

Stage Inspired Designs

Stage Inspired Designs Martyn Lawrence Bullard's interiors are grounded in theatre. By J. Michael Welton 4 Lu Tapp It should come as no surprise that acclaimed interior designer Martyn Lawrence Bullard studied drama in college. He got himself there by first studying the basics of interior design. “In London, when I was 12 years old, I’d go to flea markets and antique stores, and with my allowance I could buy anything I wanted,” he says. “All the things I bought with pocket money I would sell—my dad rented a store for me in Greenwich Market on Saturdays.” He decorated that store with china plates, silver spoons, and anything else he thought was good and that he could make look great. “I learned what things were and where they came from,” he says. “It was hands-on training, until I was about 17 and I’d earned enough to go to drama school.” After graduation, Bullard headed for Hollywood, working in a coffee shop and corralling his share of bit parts on screen. “I played Eartha Kitt’s boy toy in I Woke Up Early the Day I Died,” he says of the 1998 camp comedy. Alas, a film career was not in the cards. But he did get a break when director Victor Ginzburg of Hollywood Filmworks came to his apartment and loved what he saw. “He asked me to come and decorate their offices,” he says. “And I did.” The day that project finished, Liz Heller, president of Capitol Records, called and asked him to design the company’s executive offices. “I went there, got to work,

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