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Spray on Polyurethane Protective Coating | Premium Spray

Spray on Polyurethane Protective Coating

Protective Coatings Every product in our line of high-quality protective coatings is designed to protect and seal for affordable, reliable results and real value for our customers. What Is Protective Spray Coating? Compared to traditional surface coatings like fiberglass, paint, epoxy and vinyl esters, protective spray coatings deliver a more advanced, more efficient result. Their high elasticity, resistance to abrasion, corrosion protection, chemical resistance and waterproof properties make these chemical coatings ideal for protection, decoration and structural enhancement. WHERE IS PREMICOTE™ USED? Versatile PremiCote spray polyurethane products are used in several industries, with new uses being discovered all the time: Roof Coatings Storage Tanks Secondary Containment Systems Bridges Floor Systems

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