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Soundproof Floor

Soundproof Floor

Floor Soundproofing Soundproofing a floor is the easiest and most cost effective way to mitigate noise traveling to the rooms below! Two of the main products needed to soundproof your floor would be Sound Barrier MLV, and Floor Underlayment. These are the two main materials needed to successfully soundproof the floor of your room/home. If your subfloor is already down, instal these two products over the subfloor and instal your hardwood floor, tile, or any other kind of floor over it. This will stop impact and air born noise going down to the rooms below you. If your subfloor is up, and you can get to the joist below your floor, you should instal the Soundproofing Insulation in-between the joists so that it add extra soundproofing security. Below is a detailed diagram of the floor/ceiling soundproofing.

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