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SOLARLUX A-Series – Arnoldglas


Appearance matters and must be balanced with performance! The SOLARLUX A-Series offers a choice of four high-performance, solar-reflective and low-emissivity glass products that can be paired in one building without compromising a color-matched glass façade. This concept enables the architect and façade planner to respond to the requirements of each orientation and level of a building while maintaining a uniform appearance (while one glass type is efficient for the south and east orientations of the building, a different glass type might be more ideal for the north and west orientations). But by using different glass products in one building, the requirements for all orientations can be met, and natural day lighting can be increased where necessary. The A-Series ensures a balanced indoor climate – both in summer and in winter. It saves on AC units or alternatively, on heating, and thus contributes to protecting the environment.

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