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Simple and efficient technology intuitively applied to meet the greatest need - INroof Solar Panels

Solar thermal energy

Solar thermal energy Solar energy is constantly generated by the sun and reaches the earth at varying strengths depending on the latitude and longitude, time of day, time of year and current weather at a given location. There are different types of solar energy which depend on which type of wave is being collected. Most solar panels are photovoltaic (PV) panels, which capture light waves from the sun to trigger a reaction that generates electricity. Solar thermal energy works by collecting infrared rays (the same type employed by thermal imaging “heat” cameras), which are invisible to the human eye but can be perceived as warmth. Solar thermal systems are used to collect, store and later distribute this warmth which is known as solar thermal energy. Solar thermal collectors are part of a larger system which may provide domestic hot water, space heating, radiant floor heating or pool and hot tub heating.’s patent-pending collectors were designed to enhance heat transfer and boost efficiency, allowing you to fulfill more of your heat load.

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