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Smartflower™, inspired by nature's sunflower, is intelligently designed with solar panels that automatically fan out to face the sun at a 90-degree angle throughout the day and then close up as the sun sets. The solar panels follow the sun throughout the day using GPS based dual axis tracking to maximize solar energy yield.  As a result, smartflower™ produces up to 40% more output than static solar arrays, making smartflower™ the equivalent to a 4 kW rooftop system.

The efficiency of smartflower™ improves even more with every time the smartflower™ unfurls and furls due to fine brushes on the back of each panel brushing dust, dirt, and snow off the one underneath it, allowing the sun’s rays to be absorbed unimpeded. The unit also features self-cooling: The solar panels are rear-ventilated so hot air won’t accumulate within the system, keeping it up to 18°F cooler to deliver 5-10% more output than a typical roof mounted system. Smartflower™ is a fully integrated solar solution that can be installed in a few hours in most conditions.

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