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SkyDeck™ at Meditech - Photo Courtesy of Warren Jagger Photography / Design Architect: Payette AssociatesLittle Caesars Arena, Photo Courtesy of Olympia EntertainmentSkyDeck™ at HARPASkyDeck™ at HARPASkyDeck™ at Berry College in Georgia, Photo Courtesy of Burton Photography


Safety. Access. Creative Flexibility.

These terms are not mutually exclusive. Providing safe access to overhead equipment, the patented SkyDeck™ tension wire grid is the most efficient and recognized grid system available on the market today. The woven wire working surface eliminates the risk of falling while providing a transparent portal for lighting and sound effects. There is no discernable loss of focus, signal or energy. From intimate black box theatres to giant arenas, SkyDeck™ is the solution you've been looking for.

  • Eliminate the Risk of Falling:
    • Anyone can work confidently because you simply cannot fall through a SkyDeck™
    • Wires and frames are purpose designed to provide a flush, trip-free walking plane.
  • Easily Access Overhead Equipment:
    • Walk right up to difficult to access areas, including over conference halls, glass enclosures, stages, and more. No ladder required!
    • Reach more than just lighting. SkyDeck™ allows direct access to HVAC systems, sound equipment, and other overhead equipment.
  • Modular Design Means Unprecedented Flexibility:
    • What size, shape, and color do you need?
    • Set up lighting and rigging points, maintain your equipment, and any other need you may have without stopping all production below. No need to worry about a guest bumping a work ladder, or needing to block off large areas for moving in a high-reach.
    • SkyDeck™ components are pre-fabricated to your project's specifications prior to shipping for the fastest, safest and most efficient installation. With SkyDeck™, you really can have your cake and eat it, too!
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