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SINKS: extreme concrete® sinks + bowls

extremeconcrete® as a 
Sink Material...


Whether you need a single vessel bowl or a top with four integral sinks, we have unlimited LEED contributing options available in whichever extremeconcrete® color and material you select.

extremeconcrete® SINK COLLECTIONS

- Integral Sinks

Tops with integral sinks have a distinct sense of appeal and seamless appearance. With many standard bowl designs available and the ability to create custom bowls for that special project, extremeconcrete® materials and Merge Design offer unlimited possibilities.

- Multiple Bowl Sinks

Because of our molding and casting techniques, the creation of multiple bowls in any configuration, are easily achieved, just choose your bowl design and its location within the top and we will do the rest.

- Vessel Sinks

If your design includes vessel sinks, we have many options available to choose from.

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