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Sunoptics Signature Series Skylight (SIG)Sunoptics Signature Series Skylight (SIG)Sunoptics Signature Series Skylight (SIG) - warehouseSunoptics Signature Series Skylight - wireguard fall protectionSunoptics Signature Series Skylight - warehouse applicationSunoptics Signature Series Skylight - roof install

Signature™ Series Prismatic Skylight (SIG)

The Sunoptics® Signature™ Series Skylight (SIG) is our highest performing skylight. Through its proprietary dome design featuring high-performance prismatic optics, Signature Series skylights capture more light at low-light levels than any other passive skylight on the market today.

Signature skylights feature Sunoptics’ prismatic optical technology on both the outer and the inner lenses to provide 100% diffuse, full-spectrum natural light that is glare-free and UV-damage free. They include premium features such as all-aluminum frames with true integrated thermal breaks, condensation gutters and weather sweeps to prevent wind-driven rain to ensure worry-free leak protection.

Available in both standard and custom sizes, Signature Series skylights are for use in open ceiling applications such as retail, warehouses, manufacturing, and areas with higher mounting heights. 

Our Signature Series Military-Grade Skylight option meets the highest performance requirements for use in Department of Defense (DoD) projects per Chapter 10.

Optimize your energy savings by pairing the Signature Series skylights with Acuity Brands LED lighting and lighting controls to reduce your energy costs on lighting by 80-90%.

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