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SIGCO - Cutting

SIGCO - Cutting

Cutting SIGCO uses two cutting lines to automatically cut all of the fabricated glass that moves through our plant. When ordering glass, please specify dimensions as base x height, viewed from the exterior, so that we may properly orient coatings. SIGCO is pleased to offer a Shape Catalog with 50 standard shapes to assist you in ordering non-rectangular glass. Simply specify the shape number and the required dimensions. In the event that your piece cannot be accommodated by our catalog of standard shapes, but has a constant radius, SIGCO is able to import a DXF file to our cutting system. Please supply as one clean layer, of glass only. If your piece features a changing radius, SIGCO needs a template to digitize directly into our cutting system. Templates should be constructed of a thin, light, rigid material. The template should be exact size, or should clearly show the exact size using a thin, dark line. SIGCO is unable to use partial patterns or to add to daylight opening sizes.

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