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SIGA Systems

SIGA Tapes, Membranes & Adhesives

SIGA’s line of products are industry leading when it comes to building envelope that aren’t spray applied. This family business based in Switzerland started in 1965 and since 1985 has excluded toxins like solvents, chemical dryers, formaldehyde or harmful resins. SIGA puts enormous effort and resources into developing SIGA’s employees and their products through R&D. We’ve been incredibly impressed with the quality of the products and people.

SIGA produces an integrated suite of products: tapes; membranes; primers; and accessories that take care of every aspect of air and water sealing as well as interior vapor control. Their system is as long lasting and durable as it is easy to apply. From roof membranes, to breathable window sealing tapes to interior vapor control layers SIGA covers the whole gamut and their products are extremely well priced for the quality.

They have great solutions for hard to seal areas like basement sills and rim joists. How many times have you seen a ton of insulation and money stuffed into these areas only to feel a cold draft coming through?



  • Weather-resistive barrier installation
  • Window flashing
  • Thru-wall flashing
  • Penetration sealing
  • Vapor retarder installation
  • Window connection sealing


  • Easy to use
  • Saves on labor costs
  • Increases energy efficiency
  • Protects investments
  • Increases comfort and health.

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All technical documents can be found here.


Benefits of a Well Sealed House

Reduction of heating and cooling costs when it comes to air leaks and convective energy loss. Convection is often around 40% of the net loss of energy in a dwelling and can be much more in older buildings.

Protection against building damage from water and mold.

Higher quality living atmosphere with sound reduction. Large temperature gradients and drafts are perceived as uncomfortable.

Protection against vermin

Most people understand the concept of preventing bulk water from entering the home but controlling vapor on the inside is important as well. Water will always find a way in. SIGA’s Majvest WRB home wrap allows water vapor to escape back to the outside, as a very vapor open but waterproof membrane. Pair that with a SIGA Majpell vapor closed membrane on the inside and your walls will be well protected from mold growth and water damage. The Majpell prevents moist interior air from getting into the cold walls and condensing. It also creates a large perm gradient between the outside and inside membranes, encouraging vapor to migrate the exterior and evaporate away.

SIGA's Wigluv tape is extraordinarily versatile when it comes to new construction and renovation projects. It gets more sticky over time and doesn’t embrittle. The Wigluv is quite flexible and can move with the home unlike caulk, foam or backer rod and caulk system. Once a contractor uses SIGA they are always repeat customer. Wigluv is a superior substitute for Zip System tape and sealing tapes that come with windows. These manufacturers make windows and panels, not tapes. Pipe penetrations, raceways soffits and other chases are sealed with ease with it comes to Wigluv, sticking to metal, slick plastic and other vexing substances. It stretches well and is vapor open, allowing components behind it to dry to the outside.

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