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Series 241 Ultra-Tread MVT

Series 241 Ultra-Tread MVT

Ultra-Tread MVT is a high performance moisture control system designed to reduce moisture vapor emissions prior to the application of non-breathing, polymer floor topping finishes. Ultra-Tread MVT is a low odor, self-priming, base coat that can be applied to 10 day old concrete. It can withstand moisture vapor transmission up to 20 lbs (per ASTM F 1869) and relative humidity up to 99% (per ASTM F 2170). This unique, self-leveling slurry system is typically applied by V-notch trowel or squeegee, backrolled with a loop roller and broadcast to refusal with 30/50 mesh aggregate, colored quartz or decorative flake yielding an approximate 1/8" thick base layer. Note: Series 241 must be broadcast to refusal with aggregate, colored quartz or decorative flake. Colored quartz and/or decorative flake systems will require an additional broadcast layer to obtain a uniform appearance and texture before applying the desired clear finish coats. This will typically result in a total system thickness closer to 3/16".

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