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Series 115 Uni-Bond DF

Series 115 Uni-Bond DF

A high-performance, versatile coating appropriate for a variety of uses including: Exterior Steel: Waterborne, rust-inhibitive coating with excellent adhesion to organic zinc-rich coatings. Used as a primer or intermediate coat on tanks, vessels and other industrial and architectural metal substrates. Humid Environments: Primer/finish for two coat applications over prepared galvanized steel and organic zinc-rich coatings in wet, temperature-controlled exposure areas. Dry Interior Environments: One or two coat, flash-rust and corrosion resistant primer/finish for overheads. Use on prepared carbon and galvanized steel, aluminum, wood and concrete decks, beams, joists and HVAC. Note: Uni-Bond DF's "dry-fall" characteristics help reduce the potential for overspray problems on buildings and surrounding property.

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